2nd Class - Class Work

18 – 22 May – 2nd Class – Mrs Matthews/Ms Cruise & Mr Moloney

Hello Parents and Children,

It is hard to believe we are now in the middle of May and we are still in lockdown. We hope you and your families are all well.

The suggested work for this week you will see below; but as you know, it is not prescriptive, the boys should just try their best.  Remember the boys should keep up their physical exercise and keep enjoying their activities; and, of course the lovely weather should help facilitate this!

For some of the work this week you can login to CJFallon at the link below to access a wide variety of books for your child to work through. All you must do is provide an email for instant access.


Note – the CJFallon website can be slow at times to access due to many people around the country logging in at the same time. It usually works best in the early morning, after 3pm or at off-peak hours. The work is usually uploaded to the school website on Friday ready for Monday so therefore work can be checked out before the rush! Should you have trouble accessing the website we have screenshotted the relevant pages here:

Page 135
Page 136
Page 137
Page 138

Page 86
Page 87
Page 90
Page 91

(Optional) Twinkl has some excellent packs of work available for all class groups and they are currently offering a free month membership:


There is also an excellent daily layout of work and live lessons to keep a routine with the boys and their work available through this link at Twinkl:


Please note – if you wish to forward any pictures of the boys work/activities for us to see them; then please send them to matthewscruise2nd@gmail.com and/or mrmoloney12@gmail.com
We would be delighted to see what the boys are up to!


Mathemagic 2 (Login to CJFallon / or use the provided screenshots):

Area: pgs. 135-138 – This unit explores area with plenty of practical activities. (Use kitchen table or coffee table or worktop in place of school desk when measuring area.)

The boys can write the answers to the unit activities into a spare copybook.

Mental Maths book:

Continue daily work


Continue tables 1+/- to 12+/- : Remember to play Cave Run (under Games in https://www.multiplication.com). Play the addition/subtraction games to help speed of recall.


Bua na Cainte 2 (Login using this link https://www.edcolearning.ie/User/Login & enter these login credentials (username / password: primaryedcobooks / edco2020)

Open the “Bua na Cainte 2” book; select “9 Sa Bhaile” and complete pages 78-81.

(foclóir agus abairtí, léitheoireacht agus pictiúirí)

The boys can write the answers to the unit activities into a spare copybook.

www.duolingo.com is fantastic for learning more Irish. Check it out!


Grammar Book:

Continue with the next week and do a spelling test on Friday!


Log on to Oxford Owl at www.oxfordowl.co.uk and click on ‘Oxford Owl for home’, click on ‘Browse ebooks’ in the free ebook library and then on ebooks for 7-9 year olds.

Mon – Thurs: Choose the book ‘Stinky Street’.

Read a chapter per day and discuss with someone in your household.

When you have completed the book answer the following questions in a copybook.

  1. If you didn’t live on the street or the house you live in now, where would you like to live?
  2. Do you think everybody gets what they deserve at the end of the story?
  3. Which of the characters do you think will be happiest with how things turn out?
  4. How can we tell that Franklin’s mum is happy when Mrs Cox suggests a solution to the house problems?
  5. She dances around with underpants on her head
  6. She throws fish in the air
  7. She says, ‘I feel happy.’
  8. How does a fish help Franklin to put Mr Bragg off buying the house?
  9. Why is Mr Bragg the only one who isn’t happy at the end of the story?

Friday: Choose the book ‘Pirate Poems’. First listen to the poems by clicking the audio play button and then read the poems yourself. The poems are really enjoyable! Aaaarrrrgh me hearties!!!!

*Keep up with plenty of reading daily, approx. 20 minutes if possible, i.e. books, comics etc.

Free Writing Activities:

  1. Have some fun doing this pirate wordsearch! You could then use some of the vocabulary to help you with the next exercise.

Click here for 2nd Class Pirate Wordsearch pdf

  1. Write a poem or a story about ‘The Great Pirate Adventure’. Include some of the ideas you read about in the poetry set for this week. Add some pictures to make your work even more exciting!

Oral Language Activities:

Start conversations using the following… Try and speak for about 3 or 4 minutes on each and develop your vocabulary associated with each conversation starter.

  1. What is the time of the day you love the most? Why?
  2. If you won a huge sum of money, what would you no longer do?
  3. What is the best surprise you have ever had?
  4. What is your favourite colour?
  5. What are you hoping for?

Elevenses with David Walliams http://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/


Small World – Second Class (Login to CJFallon / or use the provided screenshots):

Space Travel pgs. 90 & 91.

This unit explores space travel. Starting in the mid-twentieth century (first with fruit flies and dogs and then with people). We also learn about the International Space Station (ISS), which is a giant science laboratory orbiting the earth and which has had a crew living permanently on board since 2000. Many countries, including Ireland, helped to build the ISS and engage in scientific experiments and research on board.

Read questions and write answers into a spare copybook.

Related websites:

https://solc.gsfc.nasa.gov/modules/newkz3/index.html Interactive website with extensive

information about the ISS.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/nzPb4zc6MUk?rel=0 “Sailing to the moon” song and video.


Small World – Second Class (Login to CJFallon / or use the provided screenshots):

Space: pg 87. Complete cloze procedures about the earth moon and sun.

Related websites:

https://www.esa.int/kids/en/home European Space Agency’s “ESA kids” section. Lots of relevant and interesting information.


Small World – Second Class (Login to CJFallon / or use the provided screenshots):

Space pg. 86. The solar system. This unit explores how the sun plays a critical role in our solar system, the planets in relation to the sun, and features and facts about the planets.

Related websites:

http://planetfacts.org/ Clear information on each planet.

www.planetsforkids.org Lots of information about our solar system; planet quiz; colouring pages.


In the classroom at this time of the year we always do some lessons on water safety. This is usually done using a wide variety of methodologies to teach safety at the pool and at the seaside etc. We do lovely lessons in pairs where children match pictures to captions, we examine and discuss the pictures and we speak of our own experiences, we do lessons online and we do written work with pictures. Nothing can compare to a classroom lesson and the number of resources and methodologies a teacher can draw from when it comes to learning about the importance of water safety. Children indeed learn so much from each other too.

A fantastic resource for children with age appropriate material can be found at the website below. It is packed with safety information. Navigate through the website to find information for 2nd class level.


Also, if you wish you can check out the website www.fooddudes.ie  where you can find free resources and fun activities for all the family regarding healthy foods.

Mindfulness – A YouTube channel with yoga, mindfulness and guided meditation for children –



Dabbledoomusic has put together a 4 week plan for parents and children to help them try different musical activities at home.

Step 1 – Parents Subscription – Full Access *FREE for Parents and Teachers* at this link:


Click “Enroll in Course”

Click “Enroll in Course” again

Enter details and click Sign-up

Fill in the next details (email address and parent) and click “Continue to Course”

Step 2 – Click the start button for “4 Week Program For Parents to Follow”

Step 3 – Click Download “1st and 2nd Class – 4 Week Plan.pdf

Step 4 – Access the PDF & follow the instructions for Week 1


[Optional!] Painted Stone Trail

There is a magnificent painted stone trail starting from Shankill beach heading to White Rock. Perhaps you could paint a stone and ask an adult to take you to Killiney Beach to add your special stone.

[Optional!] Construction

Build a spaceship using Lego or similar.

We would love to see any pictures from these two activities above!


  • gonoodle.com
  • Joe Wicks on YouTube: Mon-Fri at 9am
  • 10 at 10 on RTE Junior
  • Practise some GAA skills in the back garden. Practise your hand passing and kick passing against the wall or with another family member.
  • Walks & cycling

Extra work (at own discretion):

https://www.fun4thebrain.com/addition/JJDrumAdd.html-Addition Game

www.Twinkl.co.uk (Free month membership)

https://www.math-drills.com/ -website for maths worksheets

https://www.duolingo.com/ Interactive Gaeilge activities

https://trte.rte.ie/news2day/ -RTE-Kids News 2 day

https://www.storynory.com/ -StoryNory Audiobooks



Remember to keep sending in pictures of your work, projects, art constructions and any pictures of you just enjoying time in the sunshine with your families.

Mind yourselves and keep well.


M.Matthews, N.Cruise, D.Moloney

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