3rd Class - Class Work

18 – 22 May – 3rd Class – Mr Clancy and Mr Bolger



We hope that you and your families are all keeping well at this time. Here is a list of activities that you can try to complete during the week. Do what you can. Don’t worry if you cannot complete every activity, just do your best. If you would like to photo/video some of your work/activities/projects (e.g. video of you presenting a project) you can send them to the following address:

lclancyolgc@gmail.com for Mr Clancy

cbolger@olgc.ie for Mr Bolger

We have tried to supply a copy of pages listed for you to use as there have been problems accessing the websites at times.

Also please find here a link to a Padlet with work from below laid out: https://padlet.com/lclancyolgc/k61j1iwyigux5eaw

Typing practice: Practice typing, using a free typing programme that can be found on the net, every day, for up to 30 min (two 15 min sessions, three 10 min sessions if necessary).           e.g. dance mat typing, typing.com

Optional Project Continued: A Covid-19 Time Capsule. Make a time capsule all about you and your family during this period. Include fact sheets, hand prints, artwork, photos, newspaper articles – anything that you think might be of interest. Place all the information in a container and put it away in a safe area for the future.


Website: www.cjfallon.ie (click on student resource) free access to school books including Mathemagic and Busy At Maths.  The site also has a section for games and interactives that may be beneficial. Just visit the site, click on ‘Student Resources’. Then filter to the class and the interactive that you require.

www.sheppardsoftware.com For maths games. Focus on games related to topic first.

www.educateplus.ie  all books have free access at this time. Good for supplementary work. Tables Champion for revision of Tables.

Books: Mathemagic 3  +  Busy at Maths 3

Brainteasers (2 sections each day)

Topic: Lines and Angles Chapter 28 Pgs. 131 – 134, Busy at Maths Chapter 24 Pgs. 128-131

  1. Straight, horizontal and vertical lines. Monday: Mathemagic Pg. 131, Busy at Maths pg. 128 (look and list examples around the house)
  2. Parallel lines. Tuesday: Mathemagic Pg. 132, Busy at Maths Pg. 129 (look for examples around the house)
  3.                    Wednesday: Mathemagic Pg. 133
  4. Right angles.            Thursday: Mathemagic Pg. 134, Busy at Maths Pg. 130
  5. Lines and Angles: Friday Busy at Maths Pg. 131


Using www.cjfallon.ie  (free access)

www.educateplus.ie  all books have free access at this time. Handwriting book to be found here. Good for supplementary work. Practice in a copy if you have one or on a lined page.

Reading Books

  1. A) RA = Rainbow Stage 3 Bk 1 Ready to Go. With answering Questions, pupils should always write in full sentences, answer all section A, and answer 2 questions of their own choice in section B. If at any stage you feel that there is too much writing answer orally or even type your answers to practice typing skills.
  2. B) RB = Read at home

Record new words and look them up in the dictionary

Week 6 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Think before you read:

What do we mean by the term air guitar?

What would it be like to own a dragon?

Why might Polar Bears become extinct?

What might you need to say sorry for?


RB Pg 33 ‘The Guitar Man,

Pg. 34 ‘Under Your Feet’ + Q’s








RA Pg 73-77 ‘Dragons in the Sky’

Q’s Pg 78 A+B

Pg 78 C – Vocab work – Answer orally








RB Pg 35 Polar Bears

Pg. 36 ‘Louis Braille’ + Q’s

RA Pg 79 – Syllables – oral work






RA Pg 80-83 ‘The Vikings in Ireland’

Q’s Pg 84 A+B

Pg 84 C True or false – answer orally







RB Pg 37 ‘ A Letter to say sorry’ + Q’s

RA Pg 79+85 E

Grammar work








Continue to keep a diary for each day of the week. The Diary should log feelings/reflections, discussions had, activities and news items from each day. You can also log what foods you are eating each day for each meal. (Also include a record of each day’s temperature and rainfall in millimetres for geography.)

Creative Writing: Poetry. Write a poem called ‘Lockdown’. The poem should be all about what things you had to do during your time at home. Try to write 3 to 4 verses. Each verse should have 4 lines. Try to make the 2nd and last line in each verse rhyme if you can. Video yourself reciting your poem when completed. Send the video to your teacher.

Listening: stories.audible.com have a selection of books suitable for children to listen to. If you have completed listening to ‘‘The Lost Heir: The Gryphon Chronicles, Book 1’’ choose ‘Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire’ then sit back, relax and listen.

Spellings: Spellbound (follow each section in the book with 1-2 activities each day)

Irish: Duolingo app

This week in Gaeilge we are going to work with the theme of Sa Bhaile (at home) Aonad 1 is to be looked if possible. We have learned that you can download the Bua na Cainte  app on your computer by going into www.edco.ie/bua.
Select the file that suits your computer. Select the 3rd class level  and then click on it to download. Once completed, click on the file to install it. Login; trial Password; trial

We have included a small word search based on weather.


Website: www.cjfallon.ie   (can be split into two 30 min sessions or smaller sessions if needed. 2-3 sessions during the week)

Before you read, think: Do you know what type of home you live in? How have homes changed over the centuries? Do people all over the world live in the same way as we do?

Topic: Geography Quest Chapter 10 Homes

Pgs. 45 – 48

Q’s pg. 46 A discuss

Q’s pg. 47 C discuss

Activity: choose 3-4 different countries on different continents and find out a little about the homes people live in.

Continue to record days’ temperatures and rainfall amounts. (Met Éireann)

twinkl.ie  is another source for extra activities and resources

dkfindout.com is an interesting site for extra information on many topics

https://www.ducksters.com/ also useful


Website: www.cjfallon.ie    (can be split into two 30 min sessions or smaller sessions if needed. 2-3 sessions during the week)

Before you start, think: When you hear the term ‘medieval’ what do you think it might mean? What games to you think children from medieval times might have played? What do you think ‘The Black Death’ was?

Topic 6: Small World Unit 14 Life in Medieval Times

Pgs. 70 – 74

Q’s pg. 75 A + B

Bullet point fact file recording 2/3 facts form each heading.

twinkl.ie  is another source for extra activities and resources

dkfindout.com is an interesting site for extra information on many topics

https://www.ducksters.com/ also useful


Topic: Science Quest Pg. 25-28, Good Egg.

Looking at the properties and characteristics of materials, freshwater ‘v’ saltwater.

P.E. Plan

Each day, Monday to Friday, join in with Joe Wicks on youtube.com for short workouts (up to 30min). Look up ‘P.E. with Joe.’

Music Plan

Listening to music: listen to examples of music from the following composer on youtube or Spotify

Beethoven: Ode to Joy, 5th Symphony.

Close eyes and listen to the pieces of music then create a picture of what comes to mind. Or, print and colour in a mindfulness page if possible while listening to music by Mozart.

Dabbledoomusic: 4 week online programme to try at home


  1. Response to music as above
  2. Continue to take photos of animal and plants around your home e.g. a bird in flight, insects crawling, a close up of a spider or a flower. Try to take the most interesting photo you can. Then, try to identify the picture and make a little fact file with a drawing.

If you have any projects or activities of your own that you would like to us to see, e.g. Lego build/artwork/sports/experiments, send in photos or videos of them. Have a great week.

Try to be helpful around the house.

Stay safe and well.

Mr Bolger and Mr Clancy.

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Reference pages referred to – click any image to enlarge (or click here to download zipped folder)




Click here for “Sa Bhaile Word Mats” pdf
Click here for “Aimsir Cuardach Focal” pdf