Senior Infants - Class Work

18 – 22 May – Senior Infants – Ms McGreal & Mr Curran

Hello everyone,

We hope you and your families are safe and well. Thanks again for another week of amazing work, you’re all doing such an amazing job. Keep it up J

If you have any work or art you’d like to share with us, please sent it on. We absolutely love seeing all the fantastic work you’re doing at home.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Ms. McGreal and Mr. Curran.

Please find here a link to the ‘curly letter’ rhymes should you wish to remind your child of the letter formations. Feel free to email us with any questions,

The email address that you may contact us on is:

Ms. McGreal


Password: seniorinfants1

Mr. Curran


Password: seniorinfants2

*As always, please don’t feel under any pressure to complete all activities outlined below. This is a guideline, should you have the time, access to a computer etc.   

Aistear theme: ‘People Who Help Us’

Suggested Aistear activities:

Oral language: This is our last week on this current Aistear theme and we know the boys have become experts on the people who help us. So this week, we want to know what kids do to help at home, whether it’s helping to clean up, emptying the dishwasher or cleaning up their colours after their finished artwork. Discuss with your children what they do or what they could do to help around the house J

Role play: CHARADES! Have a game of charades with your family and try to pick actions that have something to do with helping at home (sweeping the floor, changing the lightbulb, emptying the dishwasher, hanging up the clothes to dry). And have fun!

Book: Just Helping My Dad by Mercer Mayer – Little Critter – Read Aloud Books for Children – Storytime

When listening to the story book, it might also be a good idea to pause it and ask your child a few questions about the story book.

  • Did you enjoy listening to this story? Why?
  • Can you remember any ways we helped dad in the story?
  • What was your favourite way that we helped dad in the story?
  • Is there anything that you have done for your parents to help at home?

Construction: build your home or a room in your home. Use LEGO, blocks, duplo or anything you have at home.

Art:  create a scene of you helping your family with a job at home. You could draw yourself helping your mom or dad to mow the lawn, mopping the floor or painting the walls. Don’t forget to write what you’re doing in your picture on the page in curly letters J

Monday 18th May

Reading and Phonics:


  • Tell us about your weekend using your curly letters, finger spaces and full stops.


Tuesday 19th May

Reading and Phonics:

  • Read ‘Painting the Loft’ supplementary reader on
  • Tricky words- revise next two words
  •   complete an assigned task.


  • Studyladder task.

Wednesday 20th May

Reading and Phonics:


  • Studyladder task.
  • Length activity: Make a list of a few rooms in your house (kitchen, sitting room, garden etc).
  • Allow your child to make a list of biggest to smallest rooms as an estimation.
  • Using footsteps (from heel to toe) try to measure the length of each room and record it on a piece of paper. After you’ve completed all the rooms on your list, compare the list to the estimations made.

Thursday 21st May

Reading and Phonics:

  • Revise all the completed blue words that have been completed.


  • Studyladder task
  • Addition revison


  • Deir Ó Gradaigh (Simon Says). The boys have played this before and they should remember how to play.
  • Start off with commands such as ‘bigí ag rith, léim (jumping)/rith (running)/snámh (swimming)/siúl(walking)/damhsa (damncing)’ etc, but as the game goes on, the vocabulary becomes more difficult. Cuir do lámh ar do cheann (hand on your head)/ chos (foot)/ bholg belly)/ san aer(in the air)/ suas (up)/ sios (down).  The children act out the sentences then

Friday 22nd May

Reading and Phonics:

Watch: Just Helping My Dad by Mercer Mayer – Little Critter – Read Aloud Books for Children – Storytime

Writing:  with your curly letters, tell us your favourite activity you did this week and draw a lovely picture beside your writing. Make sure it’s nice and colourful 🙂

Physical Health/Mindfulness – A YouTube channel with Yoga, Mindfulness and guided meditations designed specifically for children. – Guided dance, yoga and mindfulness activities for children to wake up their bodies and engage their minds. Joe Wicks streaming live PE lessons every day at 9am.

Spring insect/flower trail.


Reading Extension:

The Oxford Owl is a wonderful online resource. The are plenty of ebooks available if your child finishes the Reading zone reader. The books are levelled and there is a short quiz you can do with your child to check their appropriate reading level. There is also a range of bitesize daily lessons and author videos.


P.E. Skill: Focus: Kicking

Kick a ball to a target, demonstrate control by dribbling with a ball.

The website below has a range of PE warm up games, tag games, thinking games and coordination games if you want to try some at home.

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