1st Class

Page last updated 28 March

Things to do …

Hello boys,

We hope you have all been enjoying our little bonus time off school. We cannot wait to read your Australia projects and hear what you have all been up to! We have a few more little jobs that we would like you to do for us.

Our next country that we are learning about is Mexico. It is a country across the Atlantic Ocean and I have some questions for you to find out the answer to.

  • Can you find Mexico on a map? Can you name 2 countries that border it?

  • What does the Mexican flag look like? Draw a picture of it in your copybook.

  • In Ireland we speak English. What language do they speak in Mexico?

  • What is a Chihuahua? Can you find out 3 facts about a Chihuahua and write them in your copy? Draw a picture of a Chihuahua.

  • Pick one of these words. Pinata or Sombrero. In your copy tell me all about this word. Can you write 4 sentences about it? Remember your capital letters and full stops! Draw me a picture of what it looks like.


In Maths we have been learning all about subtraction. I hope you have been doing your mental maths and worksheets. I have some math games for you to play. (Parents, these games are simple fraction games – in 1st class we learn how to find the half of an even number up to 20 and how to divide an object in half)


 Are you all missing George’s Marvellous Medicine and Matilda? If you have it at home ask mum and dad to read it to you? Or if you have headphones you can listen to it on Audible for free!


Do you remember when we learned all about adjectives? An adjective is a describing word. It tells you more    information about a noun. A red ball. Here is a list of nouns. I would like you to think of an adjective for each noun on this list and write them in your copy.

  • Sun house dog pig ghost witch snake Granny Dad footballer princess car book flower box

  • After you have come up with your adjectives, pick 5 of them and put the adjective and noun into a sentence.


  1.  Please do the next 5 pages of your handwriting books.

  2. In case you are missing Bua Na Cainte here are some things you could be doing in Gaeilge to get ready for Easter!

An Cháisc- Easter


  • Cáisc shona duit  (cawsc hona dit) : Happy Easter

  • Ubh Chásca   (uv cawsca) :  Easter egg

  • Coinín  (cuneen) : rabbit

  • Seacláid (shockloyd): chocolate

  • Uan (ooan): lamb

Can you make an Easter Card with Happy Easter in Irish written on it?


Write your nuacht into your copy. There is a word bank below and you can use these sentences to help you:


Inniu an __________________________


Inné  an __________________________


Amárach an_______________________


Tá an lá___________________________


An Luan, An Mháirt, An Chéadaoin, An Déardaoin, An Aoine, An Satharn, An Domhnach

Te, fuar, grianmhar, scamallach, geal, dorcha, fliuch, tirim.


Make sure that you are helping out at home! Can you do jobs like set the table, emptying the dishwasher, tidy your bedroom, make your bed in the morning?


Hello Parents,

Please note that there is NO obligation to complete any of the above work. We understand that homes are busy places at the moment and we are simply giving suggestions in the case that you are looking for work for your son.

We have set up an email address for each class.

Ms Cooney’s class – johnstown1st@gmail.com

Ms Bouskine’s class – msbouskine1stclass@gmail.com

Please feel free to have your son take pictures of pieces of their work and email them to us. We will respond! They can also send us little emails with their news if they wish. We would love to hear from them!

We hope that everyone is keeping well and hopefully we will see all the boys again before too long.

S Cooney and L Bouskine