Senior Infants - Class Work

22 – 26 June – Senior Infants – Ms McGreal & Mr Curran

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all doing well and keeping safe.

As this week is our last full week of school before the summer holidays, this will be the last homework note for the year. There will be no Studyladder tasks this week.

We would like to thank you for your support during the period of the school closure.

Wishing you all a wonderful, fun-filled summer,

Stay safe,

Kind regards,

Ms. McGreal and Mr. Curran.

Ms. McGreal:
Mr. Curran:

Monday 22nd June

SESE Activity: Seaside Scavenger Hunt

See picture at the bottom of this page OR make your own seaside checklist.

*If your child discovers extra items that are not on the list, encourage him to draw a picture of it or even take a picture, and you can research it with them when you return home.

Tuesday 23rd June

Maths Trail at home:

Explore maths around your house.   

Click here for pdf

Wednesday 24th June

Reflection Poster:

Design a poster all about your year in Senior Infants. You may want to use something like the picture below as a guide or simply draw your own! You may write sentences or draw pictures.

Thursday 25th June

Craft Activity: Seaside in a bottle  

You will need:

·        Plastic bottle, sand, pebbles, shells, blue food colouring, washing up liquid.

What to do:

·        Pour sand into the plastic bottle (about ¼ full) .
·        Choose objects to create your seaside scene (pebbles, shells, anything you want).
·        Add a few drops of blue food colouring and washing up liquid to water.
·        Pour into the bottle.  Add some glitter if you like!
·        Screw the lid on tightly and turn the bottle on its side. You should see a beautiful seaside scene in your bottle.
·        You can make a tag for it or add a message.

Friday 26th June

PE Challenge: 

·        Spell out the letters of your name and do the workout!
·        Extra challenge is to try your surname too.
·        See image below.


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