25 – 28 May – 3rd Class – Mr Clancy and Mr Bolger

We hope that you and your families are all keeping well at this time. Here is a list of activities that you can try to complete during the week. Do what you can. Don’t worry if you cannot complete every activity, just do your best. If you would like to photo/video some of your work/activities/projects (e.g. video of you presenting a project) you can send them to the following address:

lclancyolgc@gmail.com for Mr Clancy

cbolger@olgc.ie for Mr Bolger

We have tried to supply a copy of pages listed for you to use as there have been problems accessing the websites at times. (See bottom of this page).

Try this ‘Padlet’ link. We have some extras in here that you might enjoy.

Typing practice: Practice typing, using a free typing programme that can be found on the net, every day, for up to 30 min (two 15 min sessions, three 10 min sessions if necessary).           e.g. dance mat typing, typing.com


Website: www.cjfallon.ie (click on student resource) free access to school books including Mathemagic and Busy At Maths.  The site also has a section for games and interactives that may be beneficial. Just visit the site, click on ‘Student Resources’. Then filter to the class and the interactive that you require.

www.sheppardsoftware.com For maths games. Focus on games related to topic first.

www.educateplus.ie  all books have free access at this time. Good for supplementary work. Tables Champion for revision of Tables.

Books: Mathemagic 3 + Busy at Maths 3

Brainteasers (2 sections each day)

Topic 10:  3-D Shapes: Mathemagic Chp 8 Pgs. 43-46, Busy at Maths Chp 21 Pg. 115-118

  1. Looking at solid shapes (pg.43) + 2D shapes verses 3D shapes (pg. 115) Find real examples in the local environment.       Monday
  2. Flat surfaces/faces/edges/vertices (Pg. 44 + 45 +Tuesday) (Pg. 116 + 117 Wednesday) much of the work here can be done orally.
  3. Shape nets (pg. 118)


Using www.cjfallon.ie  (free access)

www.educateplus.ie  all books have free access at this time. Handwriting book to be found here. Good for supplementary work. Practice in a copy if you have one or on a lined page.

Reading Books

  1. A) RA = Rainbow Stage 3 Bk 1 Ready to Go. With answering Questions, pupils should always write in full sentences, answer all section A, and answer 2 questions of their own choice in section B. If at any stage you feel that there is too much writing answer orally or even type your answers to practice typing skills.
  2. B) RB = Read at home

Record new words and look them up in the dictionary

Week 7

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Before you read, think:

List five facts about squirrels.

What does a Sherpa do in the Himalayas?

How do you smell things?




RB Pg. 38 ‘Squirrels’ +Q’s

RA Pg. 92 D – Compound Words –  answer orally





RA Pg. 86-90 ‘The Rainbow Fish’

Q’s Pg. 91 A+B

Pg. 91 C Vocab work – answer orally

RA Pg. 92 + 102 E Grammar –  Quotation Marks




RB Pg. 39 ‘Look at the Picture’ – Discuss

Pg. 40 ‘Cliffs of Moher’ + Q’s

RB Pg. 42 ‘Sherpas’ + Pg. 43 ‘A

RA Pg. 93 poem ‘The Silver Fish’– read and enjoy

RA Pg. 94-100 ‘In the Nick of Time’

Q’s Pg. 101 A+B

Pg. 101 C – answer orally

Sense of Smell’ + Questions

RA Pg. 92 + 102 E Grammar –  Adverbs.



Continue to keep a diary for each day of the week. The Diary should log feelings/reflections, discussions had, activities and news items from each day. You can also log what foods you are eating each day for each meal. (Also include a record of each day’s temperature and rainfall in millimetres for geography.)

Creative Writing: You are a sailor with Christopher Columbus. Write a diary about your travels across the ocean. Think of how you felt at the start of the journey and why you decided to go. What work did you do on the ship? What did you eat? How and where did you sleep? How did you feel the longer the journey took? Were you worried about falling off the edge of the world or by being eaten by sea monsters? How did you feel when you reached land?

Listening: stories.audible.com have a selection of books suitable for children to listen to. If you have completed listening to ‘Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire’ choose ‘Mission Unstoppable: The Genius Files Book 1’ then sit back, relax and listen.

Spellings: Spellbound (follow each section in the book with 1-2 activities each day)



Irish: Duolingo app

This week in Gaeilge we are going to work with the theme of Sa Bhaile (at home) Aonad 2 is to be looked if possible. We have learned that you can download the Bua na Cainte  app on your computer by going into www.edco.ie/bua.
Select the file that suits your computer. Select the 3rd class level  and then click on it to download. Once completed, click on the file to install it. Login; trial Password; trial

We have included a small word search based on weather.


Website: www.cjfallon.ie   (can be split into two 30 min sessions or smaller sessions if needed. 2-3 sessions during the week)

Before you read, think: How did sailors find their way when centuries ago. What are the cardinal points on a compass? What direction does a compass point towards?

Topic 7: Geography Quest Chapter 12 Directions

Pgs. 53 – 58

Q’s pg. 54/55 A + B

Pg. 56/57 C + D answer orally

Pg. 58 E in your own yard draw compass and mark in the cardinal points.

Continue to record days’ temperatures and rainfall amounts. (Met Éireann)

twinkl.ie  is another source for extra activities and resources

www.dkfindout.com  is an interesting site for extra information on many topics

https://www.ducksters.com/ also useful


Website: www.cjfallon.ie    (can be split into two 30 min sessions or smaller sessions if needed. 2-3 sessions during the week)

Before you start, think: Christopher Columbus was a sailor and explorer. Why do you think he sailed in the opposite direction to other sailors? What do you think he was looking for?

Topic: Small World Unit 15 Christopher Columbus.

Pgs. 76 – 78

Q’s pg. 79 A + B

Find out about other great explorers

twinkl.ie  is another source for extra activities and resources

dkfindout.com is an interesting site for extra information on many topics

https://www.ducksters.com/ also useful


Topic: the homemade compass.

Materials needed: small light needle, magnet, paper, scissors, bowl of water, marker.


  1. Rub needle with magnet in the same direction repeatedly (towards tip of needle).
  2. Mark and cut out a circle form paper.
  3. Mark North (N) and South (S) opposite each other on circle.
  4. Place needle on paper, tip pointing North. (slightly fold paper to make a very slight hollow for the needle to sit in)
  5. Carefully place onto surface of water in bowl.
  6. Watch needle turn. Compare with a real compass if you have one.

P.E. Plan:

Each day, Monday to Friday, join in with Joe Wicks on youtube.com for short workouts (up to 30min). Look up ‘P.E. with Joe.’

Music Plan:

Listening to music: listen to examples of music from the following composer on youtube or Spotify

Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King, Morning Mood

Close eyes and listen to the pieces of music then create a picture of what comes to mind. Or, print and colour in a mindfulness page if possible while listening to music by Mozart.


  1. Response to music as above
  2. Draw/make: Sailors were very worried about sea monsters in the past. Invent your own sea monster that may have attacked Christopher Columbus on his journey.
  3. Continue to take photos of animal and plants around your home e.g. a bird in flight, insects crawling, a close up of a spider or a flower

If you have any projects or activities of your own that you would like to us to see, e.g. Lego build/artwork/sports/experiments, send in photos or videos of them. Have a great week.

Try to be helpful around the house.

Stay safe and well.

Mr Bolger and Mr Clancy

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