2nd Class - Class Work

25 May – 5 June – 2nd Class – Mrs Matthews/Ms Cruise & Mr Moloney

Hello all,

Here we are starting the last week of May! This work will carry you to Friday 5th June as there is official school closure for 3 days. i.e. Fri, Mon and Tue over the June Bank holiday weekend. This week is ‘Health and Wellbeing’ week! You will find some work/activities on this theme below that you should enjoy! Also, there is a link to other ‘Health and Wellbeing’ items on the school website.

A lot of work has been covered and it has been great for us to see some of the work/activities you have done. Keep those emails coming in and we will reply to any received. If you feel there is too much work to get through don’t worry, its assigned to keep you busy but it is not compulsory to have it completed. You can always continue with whatever has been assigned in previous weeks too. The main thing is that you are learning every day and not under pressure.

For some of the work this week you can login to CJFallon at the link below to access a wide variety of books for your child to work through. All you must do is provide an email for instant access.


Note –The work is uploaded to the school website on Friday ready for Monday so therefore work can be checked out before the rush! Should you have trouble accessing the website we have screenshotted the relevant pages here:

Page 139
Page 140
Page 141
Page 142
Page 143
Page 144


Page 66
Page 67
Page 68
Page 69
Page 70
Page 71


Page 88
Page 89

Please note – if you wish to forward any pictures of the boys work/activities for us to see them; then please send them to matthewscruise2nd@gmail.com and/or mrmoloney12@gmail.com .We would love to see what the boys are up to and we will reply to every email.


Mathemagic 2 (Login to CJFallon or use the provided screenshots):

MONEY: It is so important that we all understand the value of money. The best way to do this is to actually use money when out and about in shops etc. Unfortunately, with the restrictions in place it is not possible for us to exercise this. At home, you can play shop with members of your family! Why not set up a shop with your books and toys and use real money for the sales!

Work on pages 139- 144

The boys can write their answers on a page.

Mental Maths book:

Continue daily work


Continue tables 1+/- to 12+/- Remember to play Cave Run (under Games in https://www.multiplication.com ). Play the addition/subtraction games. This will continue to help your tables recall.


If you have access to a printer you could print the fun computation maths sheets off below.

Click here for pdf of ‘Solar System Code Breaker’


Seimí Beag is keeping the family very busy in Bun go Barr Chapter 11, see what he is getting up to and enjoy some reading, writing and fun activities!

Bun go Barr 2 (Login to CJFallon or use the provided screenshots):

Complete Chapter 11 pgs. 66 – 71. The boys can write the answers to the unit activities into a spare copybook.

www.duolingo.com is fantastic for learning more Irish. We hope you signed up over the past few weeks and are keeping busy with this fun Gaeilge app.


Grammar Book:

Continue with the next week and do a spelling test on Friday!


Log on to Oxford Owl at www.oxfordowl.co.uk and click on  ‘Oxford Owl for home’, click on ‘Browse ebooks’ in the free ebook library and then on ebooks for 7-9 year olds.

Choose the book ‘Journey to Mars’.

Read approx. 7 pages per day and discuss with someone in your household.

When you have completed the book answer the following questions in a copybook.

  1. Would you like to travel in a space shuttle?
  2. Why were the children in the story at the science museum?
  3. What was aunt Aisha worried about?
  4. How did the children help her?
  5. What did the children forget to do when they hurried back to the spaceship?
  6. Did you like the book? Why or why not?
  7. Have you ever been to a science museum? What did you see and do?

*Keep up with plenty of reading daily, approx. 20 minutes if possible, i.e. books, comics etc.

Free Writing Activities:

  1. Have some fun doing this space wordsearch! You could then use some of the vocabulary to help you with some of the following exercises.
Click here for pdf of ‘Space Wordsearch’
  1. Use the template below to design your own planet. Enjoy!
Click here for pdf of ‘Design Your Own Planet’

Oral Language Activities:

Start conversations using the following….. Try and speak for about 3 or 4 minutes on each and develop your vocabulary associated with each conversation starter.

  1. Where besides your hometown would you like to live? Why?
  2. Who is your hero? Why?
  3. What is your favourite meal? Who made this for you?
  4. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
  5. Which film tops your all-time great movie list? Talk about it.
  6. What are the top best traits in a person do you think?
  7. Which invention do you think is the best?


Small World – Second Class (Login to CJFallon/ or use the provided screenshots):

We are continuing with Space this week! Have a look at pgs. 88 & 89. You will find information here about astronauts. Read the information, do the matching exercise and write about astronauts in the boxes provided.

We have also given you the following links where you will find some real life footage of astronauts in space and also some cartoons. After you examine the following links, think back on all you have learned this week and last week about space and write a story/diary entry of a ‘Space Trip’. Write about the astronaut’s experiences, feelings etc. and add some illustrations! You could do it from the point of view of Neil Armstrong. Remember this work should include elements of History/Geography and Science as they all combine in ‘Trips to Space.’






As mentioned last week- In the classroom at this time of the year we always do some lessons on water safety. This is usually done using a wide variety of methodologies to teach safety at the pool and at the seaside etc. We do lovely lessons in pairs where children match pictures to captions, we examine and discuss the pictures and we speak of our own experiences, we do lessons online and we do written work with pictures. Nothing can compare to a classroom lesson and the number of resources and methodologies a teacher can draw from when it comes to learning about the importance of water safety. Children indeed learn so much from each other too. We usually do these lessons over a couple of weeks so therefore, continue on with learning about ‘Water Safety.’ …..A fantastic resource for children with age appropriate material can be found at the website below. It is packed with safety information. Navigate through the website to find information for 2nd class level.


Also, if you wish you can check out the website www.fooddudes.ie  where you can find free resources and fun activities for all the family regarding healthy foods.

Mindfulness – As you know it’s ‘Health and Wellbeing’ week so we found this lovely mindfulness exercise we think you might enjoy. It relates to the work you have been doing to date on your kindness diaries- we thought it might be nice to practice being a ‘Kindness Ninja’!!

“A kindness Ninja has a mission to perform acts of kindness. They move silently through the world, looking all around them for opportunities to be kind. Once they have carried out the act of kindness, they don’t look for any kind of praise or reward. Our brains feel good when we are kind to others. This is reward enough for a Kindness Ninja.”  Uz Afzel

Think about something you could do around the house that would be an act of kindness. It could be helping to tidy something up, it could be writing someone a kind note, making the beds or reading your younger sister/brother a story. However, be sure you are safe in whatever you are doing. Just enjoy feeling good about your act of kindness.

Enjoy colouring these sea life mindfulness pictures! They link nicely with your art, music and SPHE lessons for this week!

Click here for pdf of ‘Sealife Mindfulness Colouring’


(We will revisit dabbledoomusic at a later date)

Handel was a famous German born English composer who was born in the late 1600’s. One of his most famous pieces of music is ‘Water Music’. It is one of the most famous pieces of classical music ever composed. It was written for King George I and played on the River Thames in London. It had to be played loudly, using many instruments that would carry their sound outdoors and across water. Have a listen to the following short version on YouTube.


  • Think about the many different musicians who played their instruments for the king while on boats. The king enjoyed their performance so much he asked them to play it again and again.
  • Describe how the music makes you feel.
  • Distinguish between sounds that are high/low, loud/quiet.
  • Move your body to the music.
  • Can you identify instruments in the music? Can you hear the loud horns especially?
  • Did you like the music?
  • Did the music make you think about water?


Paint, draw, colour and/or use a variety of materials to create a ‘water scene’. You could include scraps of blue/green etc. items you find around your home. i.e. buttons, paper, wool, shiny things, bubble wrap. Be as creative as you can! Take inspiration from the work you have done on ‘Water Safety’ and Handel’s ‘Water Music.’ Perhaps even add some boats to your water scene. Enjoy!


  • Have great fun with this ‘Keep it Moving’ workout! Click on the PDF below.
Click here for pdf of ‘Keep it Moving exercise game
  • gonoodle.com
  • Joe Wicks on YouTube: Mon-Fri at 9am
  • 10 at 10 on RTE Junior


Extra work (at own discretion):

https://www.fun4thebrain.com/addition/JJDrumAdd.html-Addition Game

www.Twinkl.co.uk (Free month membership)

https://www.math-drills.com/ -website for maths worksheets

https://www.duolingo.com/ Interactive Gaeilge activities

https://trte.rte.ie/news2day/ -RTE-Kids News 2 day

https://www.storynory.com/ -StoryNory Audiobooks





Remember learning should be fun! Spend some time each day doing school work, get fresh air and exercise and enjoy it! Keep healthy and well!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

M.Matthews, N.Cruise, D.Moloney

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