25 May – 5 June – Senior Infants – Ms McGreal & Mr Curran

Senior Infants Fortnightly Plan

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all doing well and keeping safe. We are missing you all!

Thank you for your support so far and for sending the boy’s news and photos of their work. It’s really wonderful to keep in touch with everyone.

Due to the school holiday schedule, we will provide a two week plan this week.

We are aware of some technical issues on studyladder. If you are experiencing issues, don’t worry. There is no pressure to complete all tasks so please just do what you can.

We will begin our new aistear theme ‘The Farm’ this week. Have fun! 😊

We have also each made a short video to say hello to the boys. You can access the videos by copying and pasting the link below.

Ms. McGreal’s video password: seniorinfants1


Mr.Curran’s video password: seniorinfants2


Feel free to email us with any questions,


Ms. McGreal:  rmcgrealolgc@gmail.com

Mr. Curran:     scurranschool@gmail.com

Kind regards,

Ms. McGreal and Mr. Curran.


*As always, please don’t feel under any pressure to complete all activities outlined below. This is a guideline, should you have the time, access to a computer etc.   

Aistear Theme : ‘The Farm’

Suggested Aistear activities:

Oral language: Ask your child about what they already know about farms.


  • Have you ever been to a farm?
  • What kind of animals live on farm?
  • What does a farmer do?
  • Can you name any foods that come from a farm?
  • Would you like to be a farmer? Do you think it would be a difficult job or an easy job, why?
  • Have you been to a Farmer’s market? Discuss foods that you might find there.

Role play:  Farmer’s market roleplay area. Label foods such as fruit and vegetables etc and display. Play shop- the boys will be learning about money this week so hopefully they can use some coins and make up prices etc. You could even make some bread or buns to sell in the Farmer’s market.

Book: ‘Click Clack Moo’ by Doreen Cronin. Listen via link below.


During the story, it might also be a good idea to pause it and ask your child some questions and invite them to share their thoughts at the end of the book.

  • Did you think this book is funny?
  • What is Farmer Brown’s problem?
  • What did the cows want from Farmer Brown?
  • Name the two foods that are produced on this farm.
  • What did the ducks request in their letter to the farmer?
  • Do you think the animals are clever, why?
  • Would you like to live on farm?
  • What is your favourite farm animal?

Construction:  Create own mini-farm using a selection of materials (anything you have at home) including paper, straws, lollipop sticks, etc. Focus initially will be on creating the farm environment of walls, fields, sheds, etc. Later the children can work on making farm animals once the physical environment has been created.

Key language focus will be on discussing the materials needed, what the farm will look like, what animals will be on the farm, where the animals will sleep, where the sheds will be located, etc.

Art:  Draw a farm animal of your choice. (Click here for an activity sheet). Below is a link to a youtube tutorial for drawing a cow. Or create 3D animals using toilet paper rolls to add to your construction project of the farm.


*Please email any pictures of your Aistear creations to your teacher.

Monday 25th May

Reading and Phonics:

·        Read ‘A Pet Tortoise’ on the Oxford Owl website.

·        Revision of phonics ‘oy’ and ‘oi’ from story.


·        Jolly Phonics Tricky Word list- revise all words.


·        Write two/three simple sentences about your news from the weekend.

Example: I played in the garden. We had ice cream.

Remember to use your curly letters, finger spaces and a full stop.


·        www.studyladder.com .Aim to complete at least one activity a day.

Tuesday 26th May

Reading and Phonics:

·        Read ‘A Pet Tortoise’ on the Oxford Owl website.

·        Jolly Phonics Tricky Word list- revise all words.


·        Oral/practical maths- compare and order farm animals according to length, weight etc.

·        Studyladder task


·        Cluiche: Feicim le me shúilín (I spy with my little eye) or Déar Ó Grádaigh (Simon Says)

Wednesday 27th May

Reading and Phonics:

·        Read ‘A Pet Tortoise’ on the Oxford Owl website.

·         Jolly Phonics Tricky Word list- revise all words.

·        www.studyladder.com   complete an assigned task.


·        New Topic: Money

·        Using plenty of mathematical language – coins, cent, euro, change, how much ? how many ? total,  cash register.

·        Introduce coins up to 20c and see if they can identify the coins- then order the coins starting with the smallest value.

·        Matching games- write amounts on pieces of paper (1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c) and ask them to match the coin to the correct amount.

·        Playing shop (use aistear theme if you want) Discuss- what change would I get from 10c if I bought a sweet for 2c? What change would I get from 10c if I bought a lolly for 5c ? Lots of questioning. Can go up to 20c if able. Also looking at coins that make up an amount. What coins would I need to make 5c, 10c etc. What options do I have ?

Thursday 28th May


·        Retell the story of ‘Click Clack Moo’

Writing:  * Please email this work to your teacher if you can.

Task: Write down what your favourite farm animal is and why you like it. Draw a picture.

Please see link below to the writing template.

·        https://content.twinkl.co.uk/resource/43/48/roi-l-277-my-favourite-farm-animal-aistear-activity-sheet_ver_2.pdf?__token__=exp=1589820066~acl=%2Fresource%2F43%2F48%2Froi-l-277-my-favourite-farm-animal-aistear-activity-sheet_ver_2.pdf%2A~hmac=3b78fb2aa2f295b6638417a2dbf0580f8c1e28d588d9828697adf7dacaf41bf7


·        Money: Adding with money

·        Oral games – problem solving (If Ben had 5c and Jack gave him 7c more. How much would he have now?)

·        There are counting and comparing money games on the website below if you want to try.

·        https://ie.ixl.com/math/sr-infants/compare-two-groups-of-coins

Wednesday 3rd June


·        Read ‘No Way!’ on the Oxford Owl website. (revision of sound ‘ay’).

·        Studyladder task


·        Write two/three simple sentences about your news from the long weekend.

Example: I played on my trampoline. I made up a game with my sister.

Remember to use your curly letters, finger spaces and a full stop.


·        Studyladder task.

Thursday 4th June


·        Read ‘No Way!’ on the Oxford Owl website.

Maths: Money

·        Counting money and calculating change

·        Take a few purses or small boxes and put a variety of coins up to 20c into each one. Ask you child to calculate the amount in each purse and tell you which has he most/least money.

·        Role play with your child how you exchange money in a shop- explain that change is the money left over. Try out some simple examples.

Friday 5th June


·        Read ‘No Way!’ on the Oxford Owl website.

Art:  Create a map or design of a farm. Include the fields, animals, fences etc.

PE: See below, have fun! 😊

Physical Health/Mindfulness

https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga – A YouTube channel with Yoga, Mindfulness and guided meditations designed specifically for children.

www.gonoodle.com – Guided dance, yoga and mindfulness activities for children to wake up their bodies and engage their minds.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz0go1pTda8 Joe Wicks streaming live PE lessons every day at 9am.



Reading Extension:

There are plenty of ebooks available if your child finishes the reader of the week. The books are levelled and there is a short quiz you can do with your child to check their appropriate reading level. There is also a range of bitesize daily lessons and author videos.


P.E. Skill:  Animal Walks! 

Focus: Co-ordination, balance, strength.

Try a range of different animal walks including bear crawls, frog jumps, kangaroo jumps, giraffe walks (stretch tall and walk slow), cheetah walks (sprint), chicken runs, donkey kicks, duck waddles, snake slither, seal slide etc. Have fun!

The website below has a range of PE warm up games, tag games, thinking games and coordination games if you want to try some at home.


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