2nd Class

2nd Class Work (last updated 28 March):

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these challenging times! As we are now going into an extra week before the Easter holidays; we would make the following recommendations (suggestions) re. ongoing school work for the boys:
  • Continue onto the next week of Mental Maths.
  • Continue onto the next week of Grammar book.
  • Keep revising addition & subtraction tables.
  • Generally – the boys should keep reading (anything; any books they may have, etc) as much as possible.
  • Move onto unit 16 and 17 in the Grumpy Teaspoon book. The boys can write answers to the unit activities into a spare copy book.
  • Please continue the activities which are on the school website (as time allows).
  • Also, RTE is starting a series of one-hour programs beginning Monday, March 30, between 11 and 12. We believe a link has been sent through the Parents App, however more information can be found at this link too: https://www.irishpost.com/news/rte-broadcast-school-lessons-tv-children-coronavirus-lockdown-181936
  • Other information shared through the Parents App can also be continued: PE session in mornings, David Walliams story telling & Twinkle etc.
  • Project work can continue. We are so looking forward to all those amazing project presentations. 🙂

In the meantime, we hope everyone keeps safe; and we look forward to life returning to normal soon.


Extra work (at own discretion):

https://www.fun4thebrain.com/addition/JJDrumAdd.html – Addition Game

www.Twinkl.co.uk  (Free month membership)

https://www.math-drills.com/ – website for maths worksheets

https://www.duolingo.com/ – Interactive Gaeilge activities

https://trte.rte.ie/news2day/ – RTE – Kids News 2day

https://www.storynory.com/ – StoryNory Audiobooks

https://artprojectsforkids.org/      &      www.mathplayground.com

Free Writing Activities – My Pets, My Family, etc.

Help lots around the house!!!!!


Book Review

To download a Book Report Form to fill in at home, click HERE

To complete an Online Book Review, click HERE


Folens and EdCo have made their resources available to parents. Online books can be accessed should the children not have the books at home. See below: