3rd Class

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3rd Class Mr. Clancy, Mr Bolger         Weeks Plan for 30th March – April 3rd

Typing practice: Practice typing, using a free typing programme that can be found on the net, every day for 30 min (two 15 min sessions, three 10 min sessions if necessary).            e.g dance mat typing, typing.com


Website: www.cjfallon.ie free access to school books

www.sheppardsoftware.com For maths games.

www.educateplus.ie  all books have free access at this time. Good for supplementary work. Tables Champion for revision of Tables.

Books: Mathemagic 3

Brainteasers (2 sections each day)

Topic: Fractions 1 Mathemagic Chapter 9 Pgs. 47 – 52

  1. Finding halves and quarters (answer questions orally as much as possible. Draw out examples of needed. Q’s Pg. 48 4+5 could be written)
  2. Finding the whole amount.
  3. As above with eights.
  4. On sheppardsoftware.com concentrate on games involving fractions.



Using www.cjfallon.ie  (free access)

www.educateplus.ie  all books have free access at this time. Handwriting book to be found here. Good for supplementary work. Practise in a copy if you have one or on a lined page.

Reading Books

  1. A) RA = Rainbow Stage 3 Bk 1 Ready to Go. (With answering Questions, pupils should always write in full sentences, answer all section A, and answer 2 questions of their own choice in section
  2. B) RB = Read at home
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day5

RB pg. 2 + Q’s

RA Pg. 1-4

Q’s Pg 5 A+B

Pg. 6 – discuss


RB Pg. 4 + Q’s


RA Pg. 7-12

Q’s Pg. 13 A+B

Pg. 14 D Read through.

RA Pg. 6+14 E

Grammar Work

RB Pg. 10 + Q’s


Children should be encouraged to keep a diary for each day of the week. The Diary should log feelings/reflections, discussions had, activities and news items from each day. (Also include a record of each day’s temperature and rainfall in millimetres for geography.)

Listening: stories.audible.com have a selection of books suitable for children to listen to. Select ‘The Terrible Two’ sit back, relax and listen.

Spellings: Spellbound (follow each section in the book with 1-2 activities each day)

Geography  Website: www.cjfallon.ie

Topic: Small World Unit 9 Britain.

Pgs. 54 – 58

Bullet point facts from each headline in the chapter (2/3 points from each)

History.  Website: www.cjfallon.ie

Topic: Small World Unit 11 Schools and Education

Pgs. 54-58. Read through

Q’s pg. 56                    Q’s pg. 59 A + B

P.E. Plan

Each day, Monday to Friday, join in with Joe Wicks on youtube for short workouts (up to 30min). Look up ‘P.E. with Joe.’

Music Plan

Listening to music: listen to examples of music from the following composer on youtube

John Williams: themes from Jaws, Star Wars, Superman

Close eyes and listen to the pieces of music then draw a picture of what comes to mind.


  1. Response to music as above
  2. Take photos of animal and plants around your home e.g. a bird in flight, insects crawling, a close up of a spider or a flower. Try to take the most interesting photo you can. Then, try to identify the picture and make a little fact file with a drawing.


Helpful Websites:


Book Review

To download a Book Report Form to fill in at home, click HERE

To complete an Online Book Review, click HERE