About Us


We endeavour to create a caring, Catholic and child-centred environment, promoting tolerance, co-operation, courtesy and respect, catering for children of all abilities and backgrounds.

We aim to provide a broad and diverse education both curricular and extra-curricular, which develops the child’s self-confidence, happiness and security through the work of a united team of staff, management and parents.


Mr Neil Cadogan
Mrs Michelle Cotterell
Teaching Staff:
Mrs F Allen
Mrs A Behan
Mr C Bolger
Mr L Clancy
Ms S Cooney
Ms S Collins
Ms N Cruise
Mrs N de Barra
Ms B Gavin
Mr C Geoghegan
Mr J Gibson
Mr M Kelly
Ms R Leech
Mrs M Matthews
Mrs M Mulholland
Ms B O’Hara
Mrs I Quinlan
Mrs E Reilly
Ms E Ryan
Ms F Ryan
Mrs L Sheehan
Mrs C Walsh
Mrs E Walsh
Mrs S Whelan
Special Needs Assistants:
Ms L Burton
Ms V Brennan
Mrs A Corrigan
Ms E Douglas
Ms R Doyle
Ms S Doyle
Ms C Flynn
Ms A Hayes
Ms E McKeever
School Secretary:
Mrs A Kearns
Mr P Kotulek