Note: After 21 July Textbooks & Stationery may no longer be ordered via the school, however School Supplies & Insurance can still be paid for. Milk prices are not available until September. 

CLICK HERE to download printable 2021-22 Booklists (Junior Infants to 6th Class)

18 June 2021

Dear Parents,

Booklists for the next school year are now available. We would be grateful if parents could place their orders online via their secure Aladdin Schools link. (Please click here if you do not have this).

We have kept costs as low as possible, continuing our Book Rental scheme which saves over €130 per child on average. At the Junior end of the school, there is limited scope for book rental given the nature of the books involved. From 3rd class upwards there are significant savings for parents on book costs.  However, we appreciate there may be parents under pressure due to job losses etc., and if there is difficulty please email me directly and in confidence at

Our Booklists, which actually are about more than books, are broken into the following categories –
1. New Books & Workbooks
2. Stationery
3. Materials & School Supplies

1. New books and workbooks may be bought through our online ordering scheme, whereby books will be individually bagged by Michael Doherty School Supplies, and delivered to the school before the start of the 2021/22 school year. Book covering is also available for online orders at €1.50 per book.

2. Stationery may also be ordered online through the school, or bought directly by parents in local stationers.

Textbooks and Stationery may be ordered up to midnight on Wednesday 21 July.
If an order is not placed by this date parents will need to source books & stationery themselves.
You do not have to order through the school, however, if you do, you are guaranteed to receive the correct books.

3. Materials & School Supplies are required for each child and are provided through the school. This category includes Book Rental and various other resources. We are not in a position to subsidise these costs, and therefore would ask that all parents pay for this category as soon as possible. A breakdown of these costs is included in the printable online booklists.
We would especially ask that Book Rental be paid by 21 July as the school has to pay for these books before they are used by the children.

If paying online is not possible, please email or call the school and an arrangement can be made to facilitate you at a suitable time. Please bear in mind that, as always, orders for New Books & Workbooks and Stationery can only be taken through our online system.

We appreciate your support in ensuring that orders and payments are made at an early date.

Yours sincerely,

M Cotterell
Acting Principal

Note: We understand that the Tracksuit ordering has been complicated and have been in contact with Aladdin in this regard. They have recently added a note field where parents will be able to add details of the size(s) required; this should simplify ordering significantly in the next school year.

CLICK HERE to download printable 2021-22 Booklists (Junior Infants to 6th Class)