Class name and Teacher 2020-21
Junior Infants – Mr S Curran
Junior Infants – Mrs S Whelan
Senior Infants – Ms B Gavin
Senior Infants – Ms S Browne
First Class – Mr J Gibson
First Class – Ms R McGreal
Second Class – Ms S Cooney
Second Class – Ms M Browne
Third Class – Mr D Moloney
Third Class – Mrs M Matthews, Ms N Cruise
Fourth Class – Mr L Clancy
Fourth Class – Mr C Bolger
Fifth Class – Mrs M Mulholland
Fifth Class – Ms B O’Hara
Sixth Class – Mrs I Quinlan
Sixth Class – Mrs L Sheehan

For schoolwork assigned during school closure from March to June 2020, see below:

Junior Infants (now Senior Infants)

Senior Infants (now First Class)

First Class (now Second Class)

Second Class (now Third Class)

Third Class (now Fourth Class)

Fourth Class (now Fifth Class)

Fifth Class (now Sixth Class)

Sixth Class (left)