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Letter to parents 13 September 2018

Dear Parents

At this stage everyone is well settled into the new school term. We extend a very special ‘fáilte’ to all the new pupils who have joined the school.  We trust that they will spend many happy, beneficial and rewarding years with us.  We welcome                 to the school.

Now that everyone has moved up a class the work gets harder and we expect more from each child.  Basically, we want each child to do his best at all times, make an honest effort in everything he does, treat everyone with respect and behave properly so that everyone can benefit fully from each day they spend in our school.


The annual review of the Child Protection Policy has been conducted. The revised policy will be available on the school website from noon tomorrow September 21st.  It is available on request from the school office. Procedures for Garda vetting are in place for volunteers and we thank all the parent volunteers for their engagement with us in the vetting process. This policy will be revised later in the year when new procedures issue.


Due to concerns from a number of Parents regarding the inappropriate use of social media re school issues, we would much prefer if people did not use social media to engage with others regarding school matters.  Email would be the preferred option as it is a safer and less spontaneous medium of communication.

Any concerns you may have regarding school issues should be raised through the appropriate channels – namely, the class teacher in the first instance, the Principal or if the matter still remains unresolved through the Chairperson, Board of Management.  In the strongest possible way we ask everyone to refrain from inappropriate use of social media relating to school matters. We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.


In order to give greater clarify to the merit/demerit system and the yellow card/red card system various misbehaviours have been classified.  The emphasis is on merit rather than demerit and rewarding good behaviour. An interim review of the School’s Code of Behaviour is due in 2017/2018 and, therefore, the use of this system will be evaluated towards the end of the current school year.

The degree of misdemeanour(s) will be judged by the class teacher, and/or Special Duties Teacher based on common sense and with reference to the gravity and/or frequency of the misdemeanours. The lists are not exhaustive and other unacceptable behaviours may be added at the school’s discretion.

Minor Misbehaviours (Merit/Demerit System)

Infringement of class rules – one off basis Homework not done


Infringement of yard rules – one off basis Interrupting others in class


Infringement of corridor rules – one off basis Speaking out of turn


Noncompliance with uniforms Not paying attention

If repeated incidents of minor misbehaviour occur then they will be considered serious.

  • Merits carry over at the end of the month.
  • DEMERITS DO NOT CARRY OVER at the end of the month.
  • 3 demerits in one week or 5 demerits in a month will entail weekend homework PLUS a yellow card.
  • Líne of the week – all get a merit.
  • A yellow card does not follow onto a new term (unless issued in the last week of the previous term).
  • Red cards (serious) remain.

Serious Misbehaviours (Yellow Card – Red Card)

Preventing others from learning Defacing/destroying school property/equipment
Preventing teacher from teaching Throwing objects in the class
Refusing to co-operate with instructions given Pulling down another child’s pants


Not accepting correction Hurting another pupil intentionally
Back answering Using mobile phone during the day without permission
Interfering /hiding another pupil’s property Bullying behaviour
Defacing/destroying a pupil’s property  

If a second yellow card is issued the consequence is weekend homework and after school detention.

If two yellow cards have been issued the next card to issue is red.  At this point Parents /Guardians and child are called to a meeting with the Principal, Class Teacher and any other relevant person(s) involved.




Gross Misbehaviour which may lead to Suspension

Any display of excessive violence and/or unacceptable forms of aggression towards any child or member of staff.

Offensive, homophobic, or racist comments/graffiti in any form including social media.

Insolent, defiant or derogatory behaviour where someone habitually argues with another person and/or actively defies or refuses to comply with instruction(s) or request(s).

Direct abusive language towards any member of the school community.

Possession of illegal substances/materials

Sexual assault


In accordance with terms of our insurance policy, the school opens to receive pupils at 8.50 a.m. each morning. Pupils cannot be admitted before this time regardless of weather. No responsibility is accepted for pupils who arrive before that time. It is important that children are on time and in their line to enter the school with their class. Teachers collect the children from the yard and we encourage all children to come in unaccompanied in order to foster independence and to reduce the chaos at the school doors and in the corridors in the mornings.  Classes end each day at 14.30 unless notified otherwise, 13.30 for Infants.

Parents should make their own arrangements to have children collected from school. The schools cannot accept responsibility for looking after children outside of these times.  When all classes have entered the school in the morning, doors at the hall entrance and the “new wing” are closed.  Anyone arriving late should enter the school through the main door near the Secretary’s Office.


We once again appeal to parents not to drive into the Staff Car­ Park off Woodley Road under any circumstances, as this poses a tremendous risk to children who walk to school.  Motorists are requested to park carefully on approach roads to the school and show consideration for local residents.  Over the years there have been reports from local residents who have been unable to access/egress their own homes.

We also need to keep space clear at all times for emergency vehicles to enter should the need arise.  As many children as possible should be encouraged to walk to school with due attention to Road Safety.  School wardens are on duty to ensure children cross roads safety. 


Our main method of communicating with parents has been through notes and circulars sent home with the children.  Many of these notes unfortunately, go unnoticed and unheeded. In an effort to improve communication, for the most part, notes will issue from the Boys’ school on WEDNESDAYS.  As part of the continuing Green School Initiative we continue to reduce our ‘paper output’ by putting as many notices as possible on the website www.olgc.ie. and emailing them to you also.

In line with our ‘WEDNESDAY NOTE’ which has operated well we intend to have notes posted for Wednesdays. A reminder can then be put in the homework notebook or in the case of very important notes, a text can be sent.


Under the Education Welfare Act written explanation is required from parents/guardians in relation to all absences. Notes are required from parents in all cases of absence, late arrival by children or early release during the school day.  In the latter case children must be collected from the classrooms and returned there where it applies. Parents must sign a ‘Release Book’ at the Secretary’s office when taking the child out during the school day.

O.A.N. (On-line absence note)-Absence notes can also be submitted through the Online Absence Note button that you can find on the homepage of the school website www.olgc.ie.  There you can click on the link for your child’s class.  The link will bring you to an online form that you can complete and submit.  Please note that we are required by law to report to the Education Welfare Officer when a child’s total absence exceeds 20 days.  Furthermore, if homework has not been done or completed Parents should provide a written explanation.

In line with the Department of Education and Skills requirements, rolls are now marked electronically.  The cut off time for roll call is 10.00a.m.  Any pupil arriving after that time is automatically marked absent.


Complete school uniform including (black shoes) should be worn on all occasions. Tracksuits with school polo shirt are allowed on P.E. days only.  All items of clothing should be clearly marked with child’s name.  So far this year compliance with uniform is extremely high in all classes – well done to everyone for their efforts here.  For safety reasons earrings/studs are not allowed. Wrist bands are not part of the uniform and are, therefore, not allowed – the only piece of jewellery allowed is a watch.


Children may not have mobile phones and/or other electronic devices switched on during the school day.  Phones used during the day will be confiscated and will have to be collected by a parent/guardian.  Phones may only be used with a teacher’s permission during any school activity e.g. matches etc.  We would encourage the children to leave all electronic games at home.


Healthy eating is always encouraged. Our Healthy Lunch Policy is on the website. We would ask for your fullest co-operation in making sure this policy is implemented. With the large number of children presenting with allergies to nuts and nut related products, it is imperative that everyone eliminates nuts and nut related products from lunchboxes.


Parents are always welcome to visit the school. If a child appears to have any school-related problem, parents/guardians and the teacher working together will usually sort it out.  Regular contact between the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the appropriate teacher(s) is important in the case of children with learning difficulties. If you wish to discuss school business with the Principal or class teacher, you are asked to telephone the school secretary (2851449) who will make an appointment for you.  This ensures that time can be allocated to your visit and disruption to classwork will be avoided.  You will be notified later of dates for formal Parent/Teacher meetings.


Please note that in the interests of confidentiality and security access to the secretary’s office is restricted to staff only.

[Add request to add school mobile no to parents’ phones]


The school tracksuit shop is open (8.55a.m – 9.25a.m. every Monday) during term time.  Tracksuits are not sold outside these hours, as the tracksuit shop is run by parents on a voluntary basis.


The School Calendar issued in June.  It is also available on the school website if you scroll down on the homepage. It is also available on request from the office.


Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council are running free workshops for adults and children on bees and pollinators in Marlay Park on Saturday, September 30th 11.00 – 2.00p.m. All welcome.


We request your fullest co-operation with the above matters and look forward to working closely with you in enhancing your child’s education during the year ahead.


Yours sincerely,

Neil Cadogan