Letter to Parents 17 October 2019

Dear Parents,

As per holiday schedule the school will be closed for mid-term from Monday October 28th to Friday, November 1st (inclusive). Normal school closing times will apply on Friday, October 25th.

October Cake Sale

The annual Cake Sale which helps fund the Christmas Fair will be held on Friday, 25th October.  Parental help is essential on the day. This annual Halloween Cake Sale is hugely anticipated by all the children. Obair bhaile for Thursday 24th will be to bake or buy cakes, buns etc., which can be brought into school on Friday morning. Sincerest thanks to all those who continue to support us so generously with their contributions. Novelty Halloween cakes are, as always, particularly welcome for the raffle on the day. If you are in a position to help out at the Boys’ Cake Sale please contact Angie Byrne 0876339346. We would love to see parents new to the school becoming involved.  Please be aware that we are a nut free school so avoid nuts or nut related products when baking. In the past parents of children with allergies have baked/purchased an item(s) to send in specifically for their own child so they still feel included.

Communion and Confirmation Dates for your diary

Communion Saturday May 16th   10a.m.
Confession TBC
Enrolment Mass Confirmation Saturday Nov. 23rd 7.00p.m.
Enrolment Mass Communion Sunday Dec. 1st 10.00a.m.
Service of Light TBC
Confirmation Friday March 27th 11a.m.

Substitute Teachers

Currently, there is a chronic shortage of substitute teachers nationwide.  We are fortunate that we have a staff whose overall attendance rates are very high.  Unfortunately, on occasion people may fall ill or may be absent for other reasons e.g. bereavement, attendance at inservice etc.  Sometimes teacher absences are substitutable but on other occasions they are not.  Every possible effort is made to find a substitute teacher, where applicable, but where we are unsuccessful in our efforts and have exhausted all other avenues we have very little option other than to “split classes” and give the children work to do.

Enrolment 2020

The enrolment process for September 2020 will commence immediately after mid-term.  Over the last number of years we have had parents who overlooked putting down their child’s name for enrolment and didn’t realise it until they heard that other people had been given places.

Unfortunately, in some instances, all the available places had been allocated by the time the omission was realised. People were then depending on cancellations running into late August on occasion. If your child is due to commence school in September 2020 please check that you received an acknowledgement from the school or alternatively you can contact the Secretary at (01)2851449 or by email at johnstownbns@gmail.com.

Dogs in the school yard

Other than guide-dogs there should be no dogs in the school yard at any time.  There are obvious health and safety reasons and the danger that a child may be bitten as happened in the past.  We would appreciate your fullest co-operation in this matter.

Cash4Clothes Recycling

Thank you for supporting our previous recycling ventures.  The next recycling day will be held on Thursday, November 27th. Cash4Clothes collect:-

They accept all reusable re-wearable clothing , menswear , womenswear, underwear , kids clothes, shoes, coats, bags, belts,  sheets, blankets, towels.

They also accept soft toys.

They do not accept wet, dirty, damaged or unwearable clothes.

They cannot accept duvets or pillows.

Items can be dropped into the school nearer the collection date. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Maths Week

This has been a particularly busy and active week for all the children as they discovered alternative ways of engaging in Maths. It is important for children to realise that Maths can be so enjoyable and challenging at the same time.  Sincere thanks to all the teachers who facilitated their classes participating and our Special Education Team for all their work in planning and running the various activities.  Thanks also to Mrs. Cotterell for co-ordinating Maths Week.

We wish everyone a happy and safe mid-term.  We would strongly advise parents to get the pupils to avoid the school and church environs over midterm.


Yours sincerely,

Neil Cadogan