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Letter to Parents 2 May 2018

Dear Parents,

As per holiday schedule the school will be closed for mid-term next week.  It will reopen at 08.50 on Monday May 14th. Normal school closing times apply on Friday.

Arts Week

Arts Week is in full swing at the moment with a great line-up of artists giving the boys a range of experience in Pottery, Percussion and Rhythm, Movement and Dance, Calisthenics, Yoga, Simply Music, Musical Theatre, and an opportunity to work with an Artist.  We thank the Parents’ Association for their generous donation of €2,000 towards Arts Week.  Money from the last Lenrec Recycling €400 is also being used to pay for the artists.  Niall de Burca, Storyteller, will visit later in May.  Thanks to Mrs. Cotterell who co-ordinates and organises Arts Week.

Book Fair

Sincere thanks to everyone who supported the Annual Book Fair.  Book sales amounted to €4026 and the school gets 60% commission in the form of books.  This is used to stock the main library and class libraries.  Thanks to Mrs. Cotterell and Mrs. Angie Byrne who co-ordinated the Book Fair and the many parents and school staff who helped out and without their assistance it would not be possible to run the Fair.


Congratulations to our 6th class pupils who were confirmed by Fr. John recently.  One can only feel extremely proud of them for the way they behaved and participated in the entire ceremony.   Thank you to Mr. Clancy, Mr. Kelly and Annamaria for all their hard work in preparing the boys. As always the School Choir gave a fantastic performance.  There are many new members in the choir and we thank Mr. Clancy, Ms. Browne and Mrs. de Barra (even though recently retired was back with us to help out) for all their work with the choir and soloists.  Thank you also to the Parents’ Association who organised the Confirmation Breakfast – we thank the Parent helpers and staff who assisted on the day and also the generosity of parents in 4th and 5th classes who donated a large amount of cakes and buns.


The conclusion of the Leinster Schools chess championship took place on Saturday, April 21st.  The Johnstown A team just missed out on prizes by one point in the top division.  The Johnstown B team won trophies in their division.

The A team consisted of: Ronan Bolger, George O’Toole, Eoin Cullen and Lochlann Hannon.  The B team consisted of: David Ekins, Fionn Lowry, Micah N. Mathew and Amal Tom. We congratulate the boys on their success and thank Mr. Barry for his continued enthusiasm and interest in promoting Chess among the boys.

Cross Country

50 boys from 3rd -6th class have been taking part in Cross Country organised by South Dublin County Council.  The participation and stamina shown by the boys has been phenomenal.  The finals will take place on May 17th in Corkagh Park.

Five-a-Side Soccer

Congratulations to the 5-a-side team who reached the Semi Finals in the competition last week in Ringsend.  The boys are also participating in the 11-a-side City Division 1 League. Thanks to Mr. Clancy and Simon Curran for their work with the boys.


The school hurling team have been training hard since before Easter.  Unfortunately, the bad weather meant pitches were closed for several weeks so they haven’t played any games yet.  They will have 2/3 games in the coming weeks.  We thank Mr. Kelly and Mr. Moloney for their work with the boys.

Late comers/absent pupils

We have a number of boys who are persistently late for school in the morning.  In some cases this is a cause of serious concern as the cumulative effect of being regularly late is quite high and children miss out on essential work.  We would ask all parents to ensure that children are in “The Líne” at 08.50 each morning so they can come into school with their class.  When children are late or absent a written note of explanation should be provided to the teacher.  Many parents use the Online Absence Notes (OAN) button on the school website to provide the absence note.

Attendance levels for the boys are very good 95% to the end of March despite the amount of illness that was prevalent.  At this stage of the year we have 14 boys who have missed 20 or more school days.  There are valid reasons for most of the absences and hopefully we will not have too many more boys exceeding the 20 days. For persistent latecomers and boys who have missed over 20 days it would be fantastic to see an improvement between now and the end of the school year.

Lenrec Recycling

Thank you for supporting our previous recycling ventures.  The next recycling day will be held on Tuesday, May 22nd. Lenrec collect:-

new & used mens’, womens’ & childrens’ clothing, shoes, belts, handbags, ties, linens, household textiles, soft toys

Your support is appreciated.  Items can be dropped into the school nearer the collection date.

If anyone has used plastic bedding plant trays or small flower pots, we would make good use of them in the School Garden. Many thanks.

Nut Allergy Reminder

Due to the incidence of severe allergy to peanuts and mixed nuts amongst some pupils, we ask you to omit all peanuts, nuts and nut based products from your child’s lunchbox including nutella, peanut butter, chocolate spread and cereal bars/health bars.  We are now a nut free zone.

Scarlet Fever

We have had a small number of boys with Scarlet Fever lately, and from reports it appears to be in a number of schools.

Scarlet Fever is scattered red rash and high temperature caused by the group A streptococcus bacteria.  Occasionally these bacteria can cause kidney or heart complications.  Prompt treatment with an antibiotic usually prevents these complications.  Treatment will also prevent spread to others.

Symptoms of Scarlet Fever are a scattered red rash that is often most marked in the creases of the joints and over the stomach.  It usually blanches (goes white) when pressed on.  The skin may feel rough to the touch, sometimes described as feeling like sandpaper.  Someone with Scarlet Fever will have evidence of a Streptococcus infection somewhere, usually in the throat or sometimes on the skin.

If your child develops any of these symptoms bring him to your doctor for examination.  Tell the doctor that another child in school has Scarlet Fever.

Streptococcus bacteria is spread through contact with nose and mouth secretions so:-

  • Wash hands thoroughly after wiping nose.
  • Wash hand thoroughly before preparing or eating food.
  • Wash dishes well in hot soapy water.
  • Do not share cups, straws, spoons, eating utensils etc.
  • Do not share toothbrushes.

Referendum on the 8th Amendment-Friday May 25th

The returning Officer has requisitioned the schools on this date.  Please note that the schools will be closed for all pupils on May 25th.

Tidy Schools in the Community Competition

Judges from Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council carried out their inspection yesterday and were very impressed by the school environs and the variety of areas and habitats that have been developed.  The results will be announced on May 30th so we eagerly await news.  Thank you to Annamaria, Petr, Mr. Geoghegan and the boys in The Garden Club for all their hard work in maintaining the school environs to the excellent standard they are always at.


Thank you to the boys and their families who returned their Trócaire Boxes.  Trócaire have acknowledged receipt of €888.57.  Well done to everyone.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Cadogan