Ways to support your child’s learning during School Closure

If you are feeling under pressure regarding home education, you may find this article helpful – Home Learning – don’t stress about it!

At the end of each class’s work page, there are a list of suggested websites for different activities.

Here are some other suggestions for activities to help your child (last updated 23 March).

Mathemagic and Small World (History, Geography, Science) is available on also useful


  • Maths Eyes (Using maths in the Environment)
    Number: ● If you are organising a meal, how many are home for dinner today? How many sausages will be needed if we give everyone 3? ● What is the highest house number we can see? Is the number odd or even? What is the highest car registration number you can see?
    Time: How long does the video last for? How long until her favourite television programme / activity? What time will it be in 2 hours time? What month is it, what month was it last/next month?
    Weight, length and height: Let children weigh out ingredients when cooking; estimate how much things will weigh before weighing them; make a height chart; point out signs for distance; when going on a journey who will have the closest guess?
    Shapes: What shapes can children see in the environment?
    Money: ● Work out which item is the best value for money eg packs of apples. Let children make a menu using pictures or prices from a supermarket brochure; they could make a collage for a new bedroom and make out how much it would cost.