Senior Infants – Ms McGreal & Mr Curran

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all keeping well 🙂

For the final couple of days of school work before the summer holidays, we have some fun activities to do for the last week of school work.

Again, there will be no StudyLadder work this week.

We would like to thank you again for all the amazing work you have been doing over the past few months and all the support you’ve given us too.

Kind regards,

Ms. McGreal and Mr. Curran.

Ms. McGreal:
Mr. Curran:

*As always, please don’t feel under any pressure to complete all activities outlined below. This is a guideline, should you have the time, access to a computer etc.   

Work for 29 and 30 June – Click here

Work for week 22 to 26 June – Click here

Work for week 15 to 19 June – Click here

Work for week 8 to 12 June Click here

Work for period 25 May to 5 JuneClick here

Work for week 18 to 22 MayClick here

Work for week 11 to 15 MayClick here

Work for week 4 to 8 MayClick here

Work for week 27 April to 1 May – Click here

Work for week 20 to 24 April – Click here

Work for week 30 March to 3 April – Click here

Work for period 18 March to 27 March – Click here

We have also each made a short video to say hello to the boys. You can access the videos by copying and pasting the link below.

Ms. McGreal’s video password: seniorinfants1

Mr.Curran’s video password: seniorinfants2