Tracksuits available to order online up to midnight Wednesday 12th August.

Orders can be collected the mornings of Monday 17th August, Thursday 20th August and Friday 21st August in the school.

The Timetable for Tracksuit Collection can be viewed by clicking here

For parents who wish to view the tracksuits before ordering, they will be on display in the staffroom window from Monday 3rd August and the gates are open from 9.30 to 12.30.
You can use your usual Aladdin link to order (Click here if you need to obtain your link).

A list of the available tracksuits and polo shirts will appear on your link, together with any other items still available to pay for. Please click whichever is the size you wish to purchase.

Unfortunately the Aladdin system doesn’t allow ordering of 2 or more of a specific item, so if you need another tracksuit or polo shirt, please choose one of the size you require, then click on Tracksuit or Polo Shirt – Extra Order. If you need just one extra item, please enter the price for one, if you need two extra, please enter the price for two, etc. The school will give you extra Tracksuits or Polo shirts in the same size as you have already ordered.
Apologies for the inconvenience. (If you need further assistance, please email, explaining your difficulty and please mark it for the attention of Sandra.)

The sizes and prices available are as follows (if unsure of size, please check what you currently have at home):


Age 5-6
Age 6-7
Age 7-8
Age 8-9
Age 9-10

Age 10-11
Age 11-12
Small (Mens)
Medium (Mens)

Polo Shirts

26” Age 5-6
28” Age 7-8
30” Age 9-10
32” Age 11-12
34” Age 12
36” Age 13

38” Adult Small
40” Adult Medium
42” Adult Large

Crests and Ties may also be bought online:

School Crest
School Tie – elastic
School Tie – ordinary